Thursday, 10 June 2010

Things I'd rather do than watch the world cup

Well, it's nearly upon us. One month of absolute drivel. Overgrown kids watching kids who've never grown up, throwing their toys out of the pram because the throw in went against them. Eleven 'men' trying to get the other eleven 'men' sent off for tripping them up with their shadow. Circling the poor referee like the whole of the Apache tribe besieging Custer at his last stand, when he's not given them a penalty/given the other team a penalty. Or waving an imaginary yellow or red card begging and badgering the stressed official to let them referee the match themselves.

If the TV companies had any sense, they would only televise matches involving Brazil. The director should instruct the 500 or so cameramen to turn the cameras away from the pitch and treat us to 90 minutes of gorgeous South American talent, with their golden shirts tied into knots exposing their golden delicious navels. Here's a few links to wet your appetite, but don't miss Miss England 2010 -scroll all the way down!

japan v sweden, mmm..close match

I think she's brazillian, but hey, who cares where she from

beautiful brazillian talent #3

how did this one get in here?

beautiful brazillian talent #4

naked argy fan

oh no! the shower's not working

I guess football isn't all bad after all!

But then of course there's England

What the hell is that!

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